Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2 смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

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  • The Other Side

    I'll watch this. I'm sure I'm going to love it. I'm tired of repeating same old good characters.

  • Callum Leitch

    Her then reveals hero, wow very subtle that your making her gender a bigger deal than it actually is

  • Random Stranger

    0:45I don't wanna go

  • Igor' Kostoev

    Mary Sue The Movie anyone?

  • Drag !!

    She wearing and awfully weird apron

  • james earl

    i'm looking at this and wondering who hired the dceu directors to write a marvel film? alot of darkness and not enough care was put into showing that the character is relatable to people. meh if anyone disagrees then show me the arguments and hopefully in the movie they put in enough fluff with the main character to show that in the end their iron man or spider man and not dceu superman.

  • ken ken

    she must be so strong.

  • David Grim

    One can only hope Thanos wastes her. And what's with the paid shills calling her a cat? Movie looks terrible.

  • Aridh Rizqan Samudra

    Say my name so my powers may flow through you...

  • grace tharapatla

    There was Nick fury with her this shows the effect of the time stone

  • Karthik V

    Worst movie in never history

  • bumblemusprime14 14

    I think the war is between Ronan’s people and captain marvels people. BIG THEORY

  • Robert Lynch

    Larson is the type of bland, vengeful wamen that infests every corporate HR compliance department and it comes across in her acting. Who wants to see that at the movies? That pew pew spaceship blowing up CGI at the end looks cringeworthy.

  • TheBallsKicker

    Feminism has invaded the MCU


    Avengers: Endgame:Iron ManCaptain AmericaThorValkyrieHulkBlack WidowHawkeyeScarlet WitchVisionDoctor StrangeWongBlack PantherShuriOkoyeAnt-ManWaspGhostStar-LordGamoraDrax the DestroyerGrootRocket RaccoonMantisNebulaSpider-ManWar MachineFalconWinter SoldierCaptain MarvelThanos

  • Shafiq Abdullah

    I came here because the music... Not for trailer

  • Sem T. Borja

    Marvel is my remedy while dc is my cure😊. Cannot wait for both captain marvel marvel and dc captain marvel a.k.a shazam😀

  • Kelly Wijaya

    Why wasn’t captain marvel introduced earlier so that way there would only be one avengers infinity war since she could save them all from Thanos

  • Rain Man

    ما تتمسخرش بيا.... كابتن مارفل مادامة... هي لي ماكنتش نستنا فيها يالزح قلو عليهم الممثلين الرجال باش دارو مادامة

  • Bev Chambers

    Old lady alien in disguise and this is before nick fury’s eye got umm out and I can tell this it’s gonna be like moana or identity thief or zootopia with nick and carol yea

  • Gewitterhund

    Now that I've seen all the key scenes of that movie - is there any reason to watch it at all?

  • Michael DiBattista

    This looks like trash...

  • Infinity Gauntlet

    Did they make her show little to no emotion on purpose

  • ajthamans

    It's probably just gonna end with her turning to Ash cause idk who can beat thanos at this point

  • Tamil Talkies420


  • PleasantKillz Playz

    So this was before the avenger? Because nick doesn’t have the eyepatch

  • Rashad Foux

    @1:49: Super Saiyan.

  • Megat Safwan

    That last scene where Captain Marvel flew into space might be where she goes and saves Tony which is the first scene of Avengers : Endgame trailer.

  • William De Clerck

    I actually think Brie is the right person to play Carol Danvers ' Captain Marvel. She reminds me off Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy....

  • Mike Williams

    "Like, I'm not going to Like, fight in your war. I'm Like, totally going to Like end it. Like, let me speak to your Manager" Lol, so cringe. Horrible casting.

  • King’s King

    She said she was a hero weren’t Kree at war with zandar for a thousand years..I’m more looking forward to seeing Ronan the accuser from guardians of the galaxy

  • Apoorv Kashyap

    At 1:52, she destroyed 5 spaceships so easily!!

  • Nirmala Rao

    Huh. This is worse than I thought it would be...

  • Nick Murphy

    She had a similar story like Green lantern

  • 조윤형

    She should die with thanos :/

  • Not_home

    Is no one going to mention the fact that all of the Sherlocks in the Marvel Universe now have their Watsons?

  • Eddy Baystar

    How sad is it; Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a Better Film than this could ever even hope to be?

  • Justin Rhodes

    1:49 goes super sayian 😂

  • Ryan RC

    Ever since I was 4-Years Old, I’ve been vaping everyday, but I’ve been longing for something more. I had recently discovered a game called Fortnite: Battle Royale. Right away I got addicted and I started thinking if I could make this into a vape flavor. I based this off of the most popular fluid in the game’s database, the Chug Jug. I mixed windex, hydrogen peroxide, nicotine, bleach, sodium cyanide, blue Kool-Aid, Advil, liquid hydrogen, and blue Gatorade to make my ascended form of vape. It was time try it out. It tasted like when I deep-throated my brother. It felt like my stomach was digesting itself. Everything was going dark. In my last moments I remember someone looking through my window saying the script to Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life. On my way to my way to the afterlife, my mind was transported into the world of Fortnite. I dropped at Tilted Towers where I saw John Wick, but his left eye was glowing blue and his skin was more pale than usual. In the distance I heard Megolovania playing. I grabbed my Golden SCAR and prepared for a fight, instead he asked for my credit card number in order to afford a Chug Jug. Instead of taking out my credit card, I took out my Fortnite vape. When Johnny Wick saw the fornite vape he kneeled over and praised me. It suddenly became a duos match for us. We downed anyone who came near us instantly, the fumes of the fornite vape spraying around me like a kill aura. At this point I had over 80 eliminations. There were only 10 people left, John Wick and I were 2 of them. We took out the other people with ease they didn't even put up a fight. After our killing spree there was only 1 person left but we knew where he was. He was hiding behind a desk. I took out a bolt which I had picked up in tilted and took a shot. I killee him with one bullet. We had done it, We won the game. I added John Wick to my contacts and we said our goodbyes. I was so happy that I finally got my first victory royale. I walked out of school the happiest I've ever been before.

  • sneekyturbo1234

    Her mohawk Is badass

  • Veghealthyrecipes

    @1:46 I am not gonna fight your war (infinity war) i am gonna end it (end game)

  • XxXxXx XxXxXx

    is it too late to change the lead

  • Caca Dian

    Why , the villain voice always cool

  • Jasmine Braggs

    she don't need no spaceship

  • Juanita Benson

    Looks pretty awesome!

  • Quiet Fries

    I honestly hope that people don't dislike this movie, just because she's a women. I am really hyped for this movie and the the next avengers.

  • Chopi V&G

    0:35 captain marve and eleven are cousins

  • Yoshi Dinono

    Looking at the number of dislikes. Yeah.....a lot of men hate women.

  • Soham Ghosh

    I Like How MCU Fangays Are Like Pigs🐖. Then Will Eat What Ever Marvel + Disney Throws At Them .

  • virusumf

    This looks stupid .. I’m gonna skip this one

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