Eurovision 2009 final NET HD Greek Commentator

16th May 2009
Commentator : Maggira Sisters
Βroadcast from the Greek television (NET)

Αποσπάσματα από τον τελικό.
  • the minecraft box


  • Μαρία Δασκαλάκη

    well done Alexander

  • Yuriy Ageev

    Патрисия Каас Forever!!!!!!!

  • David Fernández

    El Eurovisión más raro de todos

  • Aleks Aleks

    Неполностью Евровидене

  • Stella Kalatheri

    We ❤ Alexander Rybak!!!

  • Vladimir Ristivojevic

    Why is Sweden performing fourth erased? After France wich performed threed, goes Croatia performing fifth.

  • MrStaceybudge

    The name of the song from Rybakov like anime Fairy Tail, even a song like like from the anime.


    Any song from 2009 year can destroy 2018 winner

  • Yusuf Aktash

    Jan Jan azerbaijan word (Azerbaijanin CAN CAN predestation)

  • Adil Karadza

    You skipped Malta,Germany,Romania,Finland and Spain.

  • Simon33196033 H

    Mmm yeah could you please get the full version

  • Levi Joe Garnham

    It a shame that there not one with the English commentator or without one entirely!

  • Stephanie L

    There really needs to be a complete version of this uploaded! If only the official YT would actually do that. (And don't tell me about that one that is out there, I know and it loses sound at contestant 6 which is useless.)But seriously how good was this year? So many amazing songs, great stage and the best winner ever!!

  • Penelope Trianti

    The best ESC of it's all history.... All the best songs on one contest.

  • setheurovision94

    This isn't the full show! Several songs are missing, as is most of the voting.

  • Anastasiya Lazorenko

    Этот год - самый успешный, самый богатый и самый крутой. Я поздравляю Россию с такой удачей, с тем, какое шоу они устроили - вы проделали прекрасную работу и вошли в историю Евровидения!

  • Natashka NH

    Победитель Норвегии из Республики Беларусь❤

  • Aden Harrison

    If Russia hosted it again. Who will be the host/hosts?

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