Full video of Military Parade in Moscow on Victory Day 2010 - Russian

Victory Day parade from the Red Square, the heart of Moscow. 2010 year's parade is the largest commemoration since 1945, when Nazi Germany was defeated by the USSR and the Allies. For the first time ever, France, Britain and the U.S. have sent their own soldiers to parade past the Kremlin wall.

    US forces marches like on homo pride...

  • Peter Trochanowski

    DEAR SLAVS !!! / CHERES SLAVS !!! Treat each other with respect, one more time, treat each other with respect --- from The HELLENIC REPUBLIC BORDER to The BALTIC SEA, from The LUSATIA SORBS to The PACIFIC OCEAN ---- otherwise We will vanish from the face of God's earth. / Traitez-vous les uns les autres avec respect, une fois de plus, traitez-vous avec respect --- de LA FRONTIÈRE DE LA RÉPUBLIQUE HELLÉNIQUE à LA MER BALTIQUE, des SORBES DE LA LUSATIE à l'OCÉAN PACIFIQUE --- sinon Nous disparaîtrons de la face de la terre de Dieu. 1 - Every Slavic language, culture and tradition, has to be preserved for the future generations. 2 - No wedge should be driven between the Slavic nations. 3 - May Never Again a Hand Be Raise By Slavs On Slavs. 4 - May the Slavs never again be bought and sold so easily. Genuinely Embrace Each Other. Peter Trochanowski.

  • Generał Damian

    Wow... Poland was invite, Ukraine and Russia was friends, French soldiers was white... Stuff change so much in 7 years... :/

  • Nikita Sanych

    Сердюков урод! Слава богу, Шойгу- хорошая ему замена!!!

  • Mariya Abdullaeva

    МОСКВА 09.05.2010☀🌁 50+° ПРЯМАЯ ТРАНСЛЯЦИЯ 09 МАЯ 2010 10:00:00

  • louislungbubble

    best thing that ever happened.............they got rid of this corrupt incompetent defence minister ..

  • Mihail Ivanov

    Да, вот как за несколько лет можно всё просрать...

  • Phạm Bá Khải

    For the first time I see the US marching in modern time!

  • Daniel Marsden

    As a Brit living in France, I only feel absolute pride seeing the British and French march

  • Oleksandr Prihod'ko


  • De_ BritishMan

    seems polish army who march there are reffering polish resistance during ww2

  • The Actor

    What's the name of the song by 1:03:54 ?

  • sin shako

    Сорок первом созданый в Алмате Панфиловская дивизия мужествено держала оборнону Москвы казахи кыргызы русские узбеки до прихода сибирских дивизий

  • Marcos G Ramirez

    I like how you can here Kazakhstan marching towards the of their viewing

  • Natal'ya Nikolaevna

    Парад ПОБЕДЫ !!! Не нашим - не понять этого. Горжусь, что мы браться. С уважением из Беларуси.

  • SSSR g.Murmansk

    Позорище!!! Министр обороны по гражданке. Ебанулись наглухо!!! И ему ещё честь отдают. Я в недоумении.Клоунада!


    I wish poroshenko never existed

  • Daniel Liu

    what the song at 24:22 called?

  • Vadim Fomin

    Как все раньше было хорошо а теперь украина враг

  • Dutch Christian

    The American march was weak

  • louislungbubble

    best thing that ever happened.............they got rid of this corrupt incompetent defence minister ..

  • Rio Yuhanata

    what is the title of the song at 31:57 ?

  • Daniel Marsden

    In my opinion I think that Great Britain, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Tajikistan were the best armies to march. They all looked smart and marched well. US looked disinterested, rather sloppy as if they were just going to the shop or something and Armenia was appaling their decorations look like they had been to a funfair.

  • Brianscott Evans

    I was one of those solders of the US first row third from left im the last face before the cut off

  • Ondina Lendor

    Grandioso, extraordinario!!!

  • yehkfy bv

    Жаль, что сейчас такого нет

  • Oleksandr Prihod'ko

    Через 4...года Бук поразит MH-17 на Донбассе...

  • Emir Raushan Alif

    When OLEG SALYUKOV commands the parade its just like a professional just camethis commander is not good on its sound

  • Artur Columbo

    Ммм, кто там пиздел про НАТО на параде в Украине в 2017?

  • Aris Kallemb

    Angela Merkel in that moment:Ahhh Hitler my Friend why you attack the most powerfull country in the world

  • Natal'ya Nikolaevna

    Наверно, это лучший парад за всё время после развала СССР ))) На 33.30 минуте - мой одноклассник, Леша Самолькин, теперь - генерал-майор.

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