$1 Eggs Vs. $89 Eggs • Japan

"Compliments to the chef, who is the chicken."

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  • Andrey Levanza

    I always wanted to go to Japan but Kichi Kichi just makes me want to go more

  • Tiffany B

    I had to go back and watch the Kichi Kichi part 3 or 4 times. I LOVE his energy! This level of love and passion in cooking is so beautiful to see. It's true, food taste better when you are happy while cooking it. I want to travel to Japan so badly.. and now I know where i'm going for food. Thank you!

  • SprowWither_Z


  • Yologirltv Draws

    Tamago tamago tamago tamago tamago

  • LUKEH_ 01

    How does one get to do this for a job so lucky

  • Alannah Ho

    Bwhahahhaha at 8:06 you just see everyone crammed up and taking photos😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • TY13R VEVO

    1:22 omg japanese stan lee

  • AniqRTH

    Wtf my country eats alot of eggs?!!

  • 畈當畈當涼

    That white guy asks the most ridiculous questions

  • d r e a

    this looks so good, too bad I'm allergic to eggs :( lol

  • 【Shiro】 【Kuma】

    Wow he speaks in anime. 7:01 and he went anime too. Here too 7:51 here too 9:45

  • iChronicDemonic

    Kichi chef is lit. Seems like he would be amazing at pounding my ass😜

  • jiya garg

    You have already made the kichi kichi omelet before.... why were you asking him so many questions?

  • emmareallysucks

    adam is so cute and wholesome )): i love him

  • Sumaya TsumTsum

    Gude-bootay idek I just thought of it from what Andrew said

  • Aliya Cookie Cat

    proud as a Malaysian😂

  • Blue Wolfiee Gamer Hardcastle

    'Its like a soy honey glaze on chicken wings' isnt that just honey soy chicken chips but not chips

  • gacha star

    i thought that everyone adds ketchup in their eggs i was like whaaa they dont add ketchup in thier egg like when i was 8 and 9 i would soak my egg with ketchup but now not really... im allergic to tomatoes 😭

  • Bree The Simly

    Fun chicken fact! It’s not that they don’t have taste buds but they don’t have the pain receptors that we have in the back of our throats to “taste” the spice. Since spice is more of a pain sensation versus a taste.

  • melissa caro

    Adam should do a worth it video of the food he loves, who agrees ? :)

  • Megan James

    Omg when Adam didn’t give kichi kichi a good reaction to his omelette </3

  • Wyndorel

    6:45 Oh gosh this is just a porn GIF.

  • McKenna Walker

    I hate eggs :( I wish I liked them though

  • Acerzeon

    Huh why is ketchup with eggs weird? Damn it you guys have really bland taste buds!

  • Tracey Yuen

    He looks like a piece of sushi

  • Stanley Chen

    15:02 THE YOLK LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL. Is that weird for me to say?

  • xxRockstarNobodyxx

    Appx. 40% Indians are vegans fyi

  • kamal rizal

    Wow...dont know my country is egg lover


    why he sounds like the asian stan lee lol.

  • Ryan Jackson

    1:11 If Stan Lee spoke Japanese...

  • Wassabi Chan

    Omg I actually have the Gudatama Badge holder

  • emmareallysucks


  • WhatTheStuck

    いただきます ee-ta-da-ki-moss

  • Alyssa Glean

    I heard that there was a belief that if you eat a kuro-tamago, 7 years is added to your life... on a side note, it tastes very good! hahaha

  • LuckyLachy _13

    Is it me or are Japanese people REALLY enthusiastic?

  • lil 55 jr

    Kichi kichi and Andrew be like Andrew:wud up dff Kichi Kichi:wud up

  • Erika Carter

    The closed captioning on this is hilarious. Borderline offensive.

  • Angelina Mota

    can someone please make a compilation video of all the times anybody on worth it has compared food to disney land

  • NJwrestledabearonce

    6:45 I swear this could have been in food wars. Oh man that was satisfying.

  • ManiacalShowz

    Haven't we seen Kichi Kichi-san Before? I feel like you guys have eaten eggs in his restaurant before...

  • mahurangi haare

    13:10 = greatest pun in all worth it seasons

  • Teddy Cooke

    Can someone edit these videos to be about 3 - 5 minutes without all the extra BS.

  • kat love

    Adam is so adorable 😂♥️

  • Never Smile

    MalaysiaWHAT!!!??Malaysia rich country,people are hapiness.why you should scream WHAT when he guess youre from malaysia?

  • Gaby Flores

    “It’s like eating tide pods” lmao 💀

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