Eurovision Song Contest 2007 SEMIFINAL full show смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

"Eurovision Song Contest 2007 SEMIFINAL full show" no description available.
  • Marco Antonio González Prendes

    How could you get this?????

  • az929292

    Czech Republic, Iceland, Estonia and Croatia were robbed that year! Instead we saw shit songs like the ones from Sweden and Turkey qualify and my country even gave 12 points to Sweden. What a joke! What were you thinking, people!?? 😲😲😲 Greetings from Denmark

  • Yusuf Aytekin

    22:03 WTF Belarush lol

  • Guillermo Bosque

    Estonia, Iceland, Malta and Portugal :(

  • ElenaDiamond

    Switzerland had so amazing song!

  • Peternovski

    Portugal <3 Love from Spain

  • Vesna Markovic

    Love and kisses How much i love you

  • χρυσοβαλαντης καραμπιμπερης


  • Sergio Lucas Rojo

    Norway, Estonia and Portugal should have qualified, but most of these songs are better than the automatic qualifiers :(

  • Angela Palermo

    Bello soprattutto la canzone turca

  • yeehawsar

    My winner was Bulgaria in 07

  • Leah Rowden

    Why no Norway, Poland or Netherlands in the final?

  • basil


  • Adas Viliušis

    I remember when I was voting for the Montanegrian entry :)

  • Dana Burns-Yost

    israel, estonia, andorra, portugal, the netherlands, iceland, norway, and malta should've qualified :(

  • Leah Rowden

    Czech Republic will never be my semifinal qualifier!

  • Leah Rowden

    01:48:22 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • AlexManU

    You can moan all you want about the top 10 qualifiers all coming from Eastern Europe, but the truth is that many of the Eastern countries send great songs in 2007. Serbia, Hungary, Turkey, Belarus, Bulgaria, Latvia, Slovenia, Georgia and Moldova were all worthy finalists in my opinion. Meanwhile the Scandinavian countries had an off-year, and there's also Belgium and Netherlands who sent stupid, bland songs. I have to admit, however, that I'm disappointed Andorra, Iceland and Portugal did not qualify, but that's how good the semi-final was. I think the conclusion has to be that we needed the two semi-finals a lot earlier.

  • Bruno 2

    1:36:10 Thank You! Köszönöm!

  • Leah Rowden

    01:59:36 You have exactly 15 minutes time to vote, and as we all know, it’s not possible to vote for your own country.

  • Peruvian Kebab

    Israel should have qualified.

  • Emre Türker

    They're right that booing at the end! There are 28 countries and only 10 of them qualified, while some of the ''automatic qualifier''s didn't deserve at all.

  • Leah Rowden

    6:04 However, do not vote yet, because the voting will not start until all the songs have been performed. But we will let you know exactly when to start voting.

  • Henry Weber

    This was hands down the best Eurovision show ever.. great songs and the show alone was soo good!

  • Lutz Boss

    More malka mome Ih more more pee Ih more Mitra pee na rekata Mitre le Ih Mitre le more na rekata do gorata Mitre le Ih Mitre le more ozdol Ide ludo mlado Mitre le Ih Mitre le more ludo mlado konce vodi Mitre le Ih Mitre le more more pee more more Ih Mitre le eno ho ho ho aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa more ludo mlado konce jazdi Mitre le Ih Mitre le more konce jazdi moma ljubi Mitre le Ih Mitre le tara tu da daj tu dara tara tu da Mitre le tara tu daj tu dara tara tu da hej tara tu daj tu dara tara tu da

  • EuroPlusJunior

    Better production than VIENNA

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