HD Russian Army Parade, Victory Day 2005 Парад Победы

This is the parade in Moscow's Red Square devoted to the 60th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. This parade would mark the last time veterans would go past Red Square (although on trucks this time, not marching past), so it is very notable in that respect. Several foreign leaders were present at this parade, including US President George W. Bush, who sat next to President Vladimir Putin. Taking the salute is Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov. Commanding the parade is Commander of the Moscow Military District, General of the Army Ivan Yefrimov. Music performed by the Combined Orchestra of the Moscow Garrison conducted by Colonel Valery Khalilov.
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  • wowaldo77

    а сейчас на всех башнях звёзды в Кремле ???

  • Railwayx Railfan

    Why Communist symbols in use?

  • Red伍長

    What is the name of the march at 0:56:05 0:57:07?

  • D C.G.

    Are there any other years where the veterans are shown like this one?


    Greetings to our brothers from Greece!

  • MasterBattle2000

    55:05Might want to get that badge fixed on your cap soldier!

  • Fefe Beltran Garcia

    Gloria eterna al ejército rojo por liberar al mundo del fascismo!!!!!

  • Renato Hasi

    The piece of song from 42:43 to 42:50 ..... it's so EPIC!

  • rezaa

    Great armmy of oll time 1944 1945 sscb army fuck nazi and japans

  • Revolutionary Socialist Media

    This parade was still very Soviet, with the victory banner moving alone. Putin has since then increased the use of czarist symbols. Today you can see the Russian czarist banner along side the victory flag at the start of these parades.

  • infinitecanadian

    Are those fools actually clapping along with the music? This is not a concert; it is a parade commemorating the 60th anniversary of the end of the Great Patriotic War! They should be more respectful and just stand silent and in awe of those who fought.

  • Dark Shield

    Looking at Vladimir Putin and Bush laughing together. We had a chance for world peace and stability. Too bad the deep state ruined all shots of that...

  • Ben 10 Figures

    36:58 Слава России? А кто победил в ВОВ? Бляяя что за беспредел

  • Nakara Franklin

    Still have a smell of soviet;)

  • Zactastic95

    The cameras they are using is better than modern day security cameras lol!

  • morgulddt

    01:09:44 march name?

  • Vitoxi152 jabłko

    Just perfect audio quality

  • Comrade Imran

    Is it just me or putin does look much younger now than in 2005

  • Yi-Feng Chiang

    Awesome parade! I heard the soldiers shout ULA in the video. What does "ULA" mean? Does it mean " Long live" in Russian?

  • Joshy Josh

    Name of song 43:06??

  • Mishany Farto

    Путина подменили, заметьте сравните 2005 год и 2003-2004 год парады победы!

  • Dmitriy Coy

    46:00 노무현대통령님..왜거기계세요

  • Chris Orlov

    say what you will, but Bush is the only one to come and honor the fallen soldiers.

  • Cristhian Fabian Abello Villamil

    What is the name of the march at 54:09 ? Thanks

  • 미친고양이

    Boris Yeltsin at 48:41?

  • Matthew Wolfgram

    So small compared to today's parades.

  • Maksim 579

    14:00 Ебаная клайда!Мне кажется или украшено скромнее - чем в предыдущие годы(Нет не кажется - иба бальне не висят плакаты.А только 1 электронный экран!А ещё ваенный марш пахож на предыдущего года!Нет не кажется - иба новое хорошо забытое старое(А балин ведь новый друг - лучше старых двух!Ваабще все наоборот - ебаный в рот(Все заканамерна и логична - привычна и типична(А где танки кстати!

  • Michael Jr. Chretin

    Imagine one of the Soviet parades in this video quality

  • wowaldo77

    кто из 2018 - поддержите)))

  • John Smith

    18:40 I would pay good money for an official hammel n sickle spear

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