Victory Day parade 2018 in Moscow (FULL VIDEO)

The annual V-Day parade kicked off on Moscow’s Red Square to mark the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. Spectators will get to see battle-tested military hardware as well as the most advanced war machines.

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  • inde pendent

    Si vis pacem parabellum

  • RamNaw Bahagia

    russia no 1 , from indonesia :D

  • sahil shelke

    BRAVO..!!..huge respect from INDIAN brother to RUSSIA..🇮🇳🇸🇮🇮🇳🇸🇮..HAIL MOTHER RUSSIA..

  • raf raf

    ww3, come entry it digger ?

  • Raph

    gg's from philippines

  • PereiraBaikal

    Love from Colombia! :)

  • Sasso Giri

    God bless Rusia, from WAKANDA

  • david herrera

    un saludo al heroico pueblo ruso, y al victorioso ejercito rojo URRRA UURRRA URRAAA DESDE CHILE.

  • Ross White

    Glory to Russia happy Victory Day from South Africa

  • Steven Ross

    You should not cover up Lenin in red square. he is part of the history. not only in Russia but of the whole world.

  • nuevo orden mundial death capitalist

    en colombia sometidos por la corrupcion uribista

  • Benudhar Mitra

    exceeeeeelent!!!!!!!!! perforfance of russian army.A great moralle boosting for the army

  • North Eastern Modelling

    Oi, Russia! Thanks so much for aiding us during The Bloody And Gruesome Second World War, and effectively putting an end to The Evil Fascist Dictatorship which was The German Reich!-An Australian :P

  • Hypnoo Kowalsky

    Dzień zwycięstwa i tym samym dla wielu narodów nastał czas zniewolenia, przez dziesiątki lat pod sowieckim niechcianym buciorem!

  • a cute pest


  • random gamers

    Respect from Indonesia

  • Mathin3D

    That's tradition right there!

  • Thuận Liêng

    From Việt Nam 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳 with love!!!

  • Bosco Kataria

    I love Russia and Russian language, culture, people are very friendly and lovely ..YA LYUBLYU RUSSIU I YA LYUBLYU RUSKIA YAZYK I VLADIMIR PUTIN 💜💛🕇🕆❤💙

  • Ryan Hayder

    I don't know who is the best between russia and u.s.a The only thing i know is i love both of them

  • Rodrigo Garcia

    why are they smiling

  • Davita Dato

    georgian 25 % is ocuped by russia . but stalin is georgian

  • Warfire

    Gotta love how they still drive Soviet T-34-85s on that parade with the soviet flag up.

  • Fernando Bernal

    why north americans don't have something like this they help liberate Europe????

  • Sarah Buckley

    Great day for Slavs everywhere from serbia

  • Ryle's Education and Fun

    😁Canada respects you!!

  • CountryBall India

    Respect to Mother Russia from Mother India =D

  • BrzuszekPempuszek -',

    Happy victory day from Germany!

  • PinkY bOy

    Cyka (Love) Form asia

  • brian belton

    Barbara Bush @ 1:31:04 I miss her an amazing lady Truly, a lady above

  • DudeHate HatePer

    LOL! While i was wathcing this in my upnext was Hitler Rants

  • ENGLISH Cypriot

    Love from Cyprus orthodox brothers 🇬🇷🇨🇾🇷🇺

  • Overkiller 90

    The "song" at the end of the parade can someone tell me the name of it

  • lavetica.59

    Andrew B is such an idiot.

  • Zamani Dlamini

    Long live Russia, the conqueror of NAZI! long live comrade Putin!!!!!!!!!!!!! From South Africa

  • The Greanville Post

    The only thing marring this spectacle is US-ally and war criminal Netanyahu next to Vladimir Putin.. Long live the heroic antifascist Russian people.

  • Adrian Frimu

    Mareata tara, mare conducator si o formidabila forta militara ! Succes !

  • brian belton

    Beautiful parade! Question: Why is Lenins mausoleum covered up?

  • crazy potato

    поздрав брачо из Југославије

  • Angelo Aufiero

    They are really strong..!!!!How many men are present during the Parade???

  • Daniel Hernandez

    I wish in ww2 Germany would had beat in Russian

  • Gonjo Guaiya

    Long Live Russia, love from Mongolia.

  • γεώργιος Κοντος

    God Bless Mother Russia

  • Elko

    Seeing that everyone else is doing it, こんにちは - Japan

  • Isabella M

    Greetings from a German woman living in California who always held Russia in high esteem .... Peace !

  • Newboy Trendsonline

    Russia don't deserve this kind of October Revolution anniversary, Russia is one of the reasons why the USSR dissolved

  • Khắc Long

    The Soviet not dead, Soviet is still here just with different name and flag :)

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