Victory Day parade 2018 in Moscow (FULL VIDEO)

The annual V-Day parade kicked off on Moscow’s Red Square to mark the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. Spectators will get to see battle-tested military hardware as well as the most advanced war machines.

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  • LvBehalido

    Nazi will come Beck and we nazis win war for ever befor u hate need think what Russia did in ww2

  • emiliano sarriz

    Long live the Soviets from Mexico

  • fitofito1001

    Russian are evil. They are the biggest negative force of human civilization in 20 century and are still so now though much weakened. They have nothing to show off but a few of the obsoleted weapons.

  • supakan tawong

    See that guy behide the putin at 27:58

  • Euglim Hp

    All Respect to Russia and President Putin - From Singapore

  • artist_ _toon

    Whats the song at 1:39:06?

  • madscientist 666

    Where some nazism who want wear coolest uniform here

  • Noah Vagic

    52:00 The old soviet veteran T-34 Tank

  • Aw Clement

    What is the music at 31:16

  • Alexander Choo


  • David Michaels

    Germany invaded Russia in 1941 , breaking the peace treaty in the process. Russian Jew men , women and children were systematically murdered with no mercy, and others were sent to slave camps in Poland and Germany.The UK and USA could not aid Russia with supplies or men because German U-boats were hunting down convoys by the dozens. Russia was alone to fight for the motherland in the East against 3 million Germans on 3 fronts. With only 40 miles to Moscow , the Germans were hit with the coldest winter ever , grounding the Germans to wait for spring. Then the ruskies got news from a spy in Japan saying the Japs werent going to attack from the East. So Stalin redeployed all his troops from the far east to the Moscow front line , unleashing the largest Artillery bombardment the Germans had ever seen , then came rolling out the T-34/85 and KV tanks ,the Gemrans were shocked because nothing could penetrate these tanks, the only weapon in the German Arsenal that could penetrate it was the 88mmm Flak gun , forcing the Germans to design better tanks to take on the ruskies. The Germans had finally met their match , they had seriously underestimated the Russians , as their 6 months campaign , turned into a humiliating defeat four years later. Hoora Russia!

  • Oyuncu Tv

    Love from Azerbaijan

  • Overm exdxdxd


  • L.D

    nazirats now busy learning arabic and study the koran ! Mahmud hit abu ler . lol

  • Michael Sinclair

    Vladimir Putin does not deserve his army's. God bless the people of Russia but f**k Vladimir Putin. Murdering tyrant.

  • bahram bahram

    what is this murderer Netanyahu doing there?

  • Bill Nye The Russian Spy

    Respect from Ireland!

  • Litzy Herdz!

    Viva Rusia! El mejor país del mundo xD. Saludos desde México 🇷🇺🇲🇽

  • Glory to Russia

    I watch for the music and uniforms.

  • Jean Bossy

    Does anyone knows the name of this young and tall man that stay besides Valdimir Putin starting just after the parade until the end of this movie. He may be a translator but he may be also directing this part of the ceremony as he draw flowers together with `prime minister « Netanyanu» ans Vladimir Putin.

  • shuiyan lin

    52:27 soviet national flag

  • shrishail guddodagi

    I am from India..and love much

  • Andy Black

    MLL&R from Florida.

  • L.D

    I read the comments here , Unrespectable people - Its a holy ceremony ! Day of sorrow . And people here curse each other? Take advantage of the anonymity and allow themselves to speak like rats !! The jews fought against the nazis in ww2 as part of the red army , the british and the american army .In 2018 same scenario of jews slaughtered in death camps can't happen again ! unless any brainless nazi want us to wipe his country .So for all the anti semitic here - You can kiss my jewish ass ! We the Israelis never forget that the russian army liberated jews from the death camps in a huge price of russian blood - Nazis which caught by the russian got true punish for their crimes !! unlike the "show trials" at Nuremberg ... We see the russians as brothers (a lot of Israelis speak russian ) ! For us its honor and a true statement of bounding and friendship by Putin to invite and host our PM in this holy ceremony . P.S :Once president Putin answered about the accusations of Russia in helping Trump to win the elections - His answer was - "The same people who blame russians are like the stupid anti semis - you idiot ? ok - then blame it on the jews..."

  • Hail Mary

    Comrades all over the world are awaiting mother russias great return. Let the red flag fly.

  • Jessel Benolirao

    Salute from Philippines

  • Lost Traveller

    God bless Russia. Love from India 🇮🇳🇷🇺

  • dana696dana Ss

    i wouldmuch more prefer to see the russian army parading throught the streats of berlin, paris and brussels.... greetings from czech rep slavic brothers

  • Shubham Jain

    Greetings to Russia from India

  • Fabio Alves Fonseca

    Rússia,china,india. have the most beautifull conbine with a dicipline and organization ! they have the greats military parade in that world ! and also a very powerfull armys ! no thougth ! respect from brazil !

  • Wot Gamer

    Don't judge my profile pic

  • Anzai Chiyomi

    Gob Bless Russia, Fron Tlacotalpan

  • fitofito1001

    Evil Germany was destroyed in wwii. Unfortunately, a worse evil, Russia, was allowed to emerge. This was the biggest mistake of America in 20 century.

  • Wan Kit

    Respect from indognesial

  • Kitus Bsjdus

    Well, poor country in permament economical crisis with HUGE hung-ups trying to show how powerfull is .... in propaganda......

  • madscientist 666

    I hope world will doom

  • Jana marie Garcia

    Love from The Philippines 💖

  • Fridge & Appliances Fridge & Appliances

    Respect...South Africa.

  • Armando Gomez

    anthem starts at 27:58

  • Vladimir Putin


  • 皇軍

    Support the axis powers

  • Swedish Walrus

    Two more years till I can join

  • f mck

    Amazing how far the Russians have come with improving their hardware. 10 years ago their army was made up of aging Soviet armour like the BTR60, BMP 1 & 2, T-72 tanks and Shilkas. Now they have some excellent hi-tech vehicles.


    If russia cut off one head. Two more shall in this place..!Hail hydra

  • Xilef _

    God bless Russia from France 🇫🇷

  • kenneth kinyanjui

    What's the name of the song 15:55?

  • Christopher Montoya

    Wow look it’s Suck my Di** day in Commie Russia....

  • Honest M'aiq

    Glory to our brothers in Russia !давно живут Россия !-From Turkey.

  • Andy Black

    This is what trump admires military parades,

  • mohamed abbas

    i love this country , this nation

  • vitalalive69

    WTF is a fascist, apartheid applying asshole Netanyahu and his shithole Israhell doing over there !

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