501(c)3--Homes on Wheels Alliance Non Profit

In today's video, we have a huge announcement that we have created an IRS certified 501c3 non-profit named Homes on Wheels Alliance Non Profit (HOWA for short). My wonderful friend Suanne is the Executive Director and I am the President of the Board of Trustees. If you know anything about organizing a 501c3, then you know we did it in an amazingly short period of time. There were 5 of us involved and we all worked what seemed like around-the-clock to make it happen!!

But now that it has happened, we face the even harder job of putting into place the programs that will change people's lives. We have many ideas and plans but they all take an army of volunteers and mountains of money.

We are confident that we can put both of those in place, but it won't be fast and it will take an enormous amount of work! We're up for it and we will be asking you for your help!

Also, I want you to have total trust in the transparency and integrity of HOWA. Of course, we will comply with all IRS rules but we will go above them in any way we can to earn your trust.

Of course there are trolls and haters running around screaming about how I am just doing this to rip-you-off. When you hear their shrill screams I hope you will ask yourself this, "Bob has been in the public eye and in personal contact with his readers and viewers since 2005 with his website, RTR forum, blog, and Youtube Channel--I wonder if there is even a shred of evidence of him doing all that work for any other reason than compassion? Is there any evidence of him doing it to steal from people?"

After you ask those questions, ask yourself what you know about the trolls who are bad-mouthing me? Is there any reason you should believe them--have they proved that they deserve your trust? Do they even have the courage to tell you their real name and invite you into their camp?

You'll have to make up your own mind.

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  • Sheila Ayala

    I need help. How many I get on the list?

  • MrSonnyblu

    I can't wait to become part of your community. In two years I will take early SS... I pray I can live that long so I can live the life and have the Freedom I have always wanted.

  • Mitch Jones

    But I was wondering if the new organization has a snail mail a person could write to it's not really good with computer skills? I think it's a wonderful thing that you guys are doing hoping in some way I can help out

  • Thomas Bordelon

    What is HOWA’s mission statement? Are there memberships? Will there be any lobbying to authenticate the right to live full time on wheels? This lifestyle is the ultimate example of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness“ if ever there was one.

  • Ed Avery

    yessss, so proud of this accomplishment! Way to go!

  • Becky Collett

    Fantastic! Both of you are so generous with your time and talents! I look forward to meeting you this year at RTR and maybe the WRTR first!

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