Victory Day parade on Red Square 2015 (PROMO)

The Victory Day parade will stage a military show in the heart of Moscow to mark the 70 year of WWII Victory.

WATCH LIVE on RT's YouTube & on RT website, on May 9th at 07:00 GMT

World's bloodiest military conflict remembered: RT's #Victory70 online project -


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  • spinfree777

    I don't understand the aversion in Russia against US-Boys: Amerika helped Russia more than any other nations to survice WW-II. Courtesy of the huge assitance of the Americans, the British, the Canadians and other countries Russian troups were put into the position to contribute to the allied victory of over 60 countries and occupy the mainly agricultural regions of East Germany along the Polnish borderWest-Allies occupied the bigger part of West-Germany were the bulk of cities and industrial heart of Germany is located. More than 85 percents of Germans never saw Russian military until today. Berlin – although chosen as capital for historic reasons - is perceived by most German and Berlin citizens -  like a remoted Island far away of the economic heart in the very East of Germany. The allied help was tremendous: More than 400.000 Jeeps, trucks and lorries ,13.000 locomotives and waggons , 90 freight ships put the Russian Army for the first time into the position of strategic warfare.  The US also delivered e. g. 4.000 air bombers, 10.000 fighter aircrafts (Russian aircrafts were unsuitable) and 7.000 tanks. Another 5.000 tanks and 7.000 airplanes and several dozens of warships were delivered by the Britisch and Canadians. As well as the whole armada needed to protect the delivery channels across the submarine infested Atlentic Ocean – and certainly the freighters itself. Not to talk about the strategic 24-hours airbombing on Germany by US- and British bombers on war industrie and population especially in West-Germany – preventing ordnance of material and fuel to  the  Eastern front: Courtesy of the efforts of all Allies together – including Russia – fighting for seven years along the Western-, Southern-, Northern- Eastern and sky-frontlines, Germany in the was finally freed from the Nazi-Regime. In  my opinion the military celebrations should be mainly arranged in Washington – but I think 70 years after the historical occurrences the memories are already faded. After so many years – there are already two or three unburdened new generations - US-people are thinking ahead and I  think they make it right. Meanwhile the Russian government is using historic events only for propaganda to justify it’s own war policiy in the Ukraine.

  • Freezing Moon

    Hahahaha :D What about 17 September 1939 dear russian Hitlers friends ???  Comic drunk  nation :D:D:D

  • J Peace

    This military parade shames the memory of war victims and veterans. It simply underline that Russian leaders have not learned a thing since they started WWII in co-operation with Nazi-germany. Remember that war between Russia and Germany was just the part two. Russia shamefully used to attack independent countries much before Germany attacked Russia

  • Yuanliang Meng

    Flag China resembles flag USSR the most...

  • davisoneill

    This is going to be amazing.  Can't wait.

  • Fallon144

    IS there a russian version online without the voice overs?

  • Cadaverine Carbon

    Does anyone know what music was played in this video? The marching instrumental one. Anyone knows?

  • The Tech Guy

    Victory to Russia, whose tanks are still from WWII.  You make Kim Jon-un proud!

  • Artyom

    This is the greatest day for us! And we're happy to share it with all the humans! Eternal memory to the countless victims of WW2!Don't hate, please. We never do.

  • jganun

    In 1945 the generals rode into Red Square on horseback.  Cut out the limousines and bring back the dignity of mounted officers.

  • ltmikepowell

    Ready when you are, all patriots. Time to lock and load and get rid of those PEST that scam the system.

  • DarkFlameDragonSlayer

    I can't wait! I love your parades.

  • Vadim Orlov

    Поздравляю всех ветеранов :)

  • Happiness

    Glory to all Russians!

  • haiggoh

    What Russians always like to forget is that for much of eastern Europe living under Stalins dictatorship wasn't much better than living under Hitlers dictatorship. FACT. So while you may be proud about beating Germany 70 years ago, you can't claim for yourself to have "freed" Poland or eastern Germany or many of the other states that your country occupied for decades after the war was over to your own gain.

  • Estrellakatarinathegreatrussian

    cant wait for this years victory day parade <3 ;D

  • Rabi Ben Lavi

    Obama, Hollande, Netanyahu, and Cameron will stay home and read Mein Kampf

  • God

    0:17 and then 0:19, evolution is a bitch...

  • Steve Carlsson

    Seems like we have 35 Nazis here against 500 Soldiers. Guess Who will win?

  • sullenday

    Ah yes, the day western civilization was consigned to its speedy demise.

  • Mauro Diaz

    It's like watching angels marching to exterminate that imperialist military base planting country.

  • 华夏复兴

    I will go to sleep early for watching the parade  :-0    see you at 4:00 am (Atlantic time)

  • NyCaze

    Respect from Turkey! FUCK THE USA!!!

  • Robert Molnar

    Just to remember. Germany and the Soviet Union started the 2nd World War together as allies, when they invaded Poland. then dividing the country between each other. Molotov Ribbentrop Pact. STALIN and his dogs just as guilty in the 2nd world war as the Germans. The end is a different story. The former ally betrayes The SU and the war goes on.

  • PandaLivesMatter

    Are you sure this guy isn't American? 0:19

  • Brian Griffin

    Russian Gay Pride Parade cumming May 9th all over RT, bitches.

  • 8Anya8

    Better dead then red.

  • Kateb Gustave

    It's Victory Day!!

  • Jochen Weiss

    Россия показала всю мощь и силу. на зависть всему миру.

  • ca ainaa

    Love the sound of (URAAAAAAAA! !!!!!!!)

  • Fredrik Chang

    anyone plz tell me when it starts tomorrow in the UK??? Should I wake up at 7 or 8? I don't want to miss a second.

  • ca ainaa

    Ready to see parade in video (greetng from MALAYSIA )

  • Ivan Galaev

    Happy Victory Day! Thanks Russia, thanks to friendly countries. From Russia with love

  • Richard Shorten

    WAR is the result of BAD, stupid leadership and must STOP. NEVER Glorify! Never Justify. Never pretend the loss of young men's lives was a good thing!

  • Steve Carlsson


  • miko de guzman

    What time parade start im from philippines my russian friend lease answer me to watch the parade

  • Axel Schultz

    where is that tank that doesn't work? Question more?

  • ChrisSetsu

    I see nothing from the link "" as above is about the parade live broadcast, it will be starting in 3 hours, please anyone can give me the right link to watch the parade?

  • Argentvs

    I want to know at what hour see it. Is 02:10 in Argentina (UTC -3), when the main prade in Moscow will sttart, so i can see. i wanna watch it live.


    TAG DES SIEGESEines der wichtigsten Tage für die Russen ist der "Tag des Sieges" gegen das Hitlerdeutschland. Es ist der Tag, an dem endlich Europa von der Sklaverei des Faschismus befreit wurde. Putin würdigte diesen Tag mit ehernen Worten, in der er von einem "grandiosen Sieg der Roten Armee über den Nazismus sprach - der Tag, an dem Europa befreit wurde.Doch die Spitzen der EU sowie US-Präsident Barack Obama wollen boykottieren. Und warum? Gefällt ihnen etwa die Befreiung Europas durch die Russen nicht?Wenn man bedenkt, daß die USA immer noch eine faschistische Politik im Nahen Osten betreibt und völkerrechtswidrige Kriege entfesselt, bei der unzählige Zivilisten umkommen, kann man sich vorstellen, warum der USA der "Der Tag des Sieges" der Roten Armmee aus ihrer Sicht nicht gefällt. Aber die Russen und China sollen ruhig ihre Macht demonstrieren, denn die USA und inzwischen auch Deutschland, sollen durchaus erkennen, daß sie nicht die einzigen Völker auf Erden sind, die das Schicksal der Menschheit bestimmt.


    Разве я скучаю притон с ветераном ?! ;(

  • Guy McGenius

    Huray for communism!

  • yunchang guang

    The BEAST-JAPS KILLED 37 MILLIONS of Chinese during their invasion. And they have never either apologized nor compensated economically to Chinese like German did to Europeans. Even today the FUCKING JAPS still have been insisting that due to the support from the Fucking Yankee Bustards. They'll pay for it with receiving hundreds hydrogen bombs!!! Believe me, this will happen!!! Chinese have the tradition of revenging 100 years later. In Western Han dynasty (206BC-24AD), Chinese defeated the Hans 100 years after the invasion and in Tang dynasty (608AD-906AD) Chinese expelled the killer Turkeys 60 years after the invasion. What's the difference between the Nazi and Japs? "Nazi did the killing in order to conquer while Japs did the conquering to kill"! One Canadian said this to me.

  • 得了中二病

    Greetings from China! And nice to see Serbian troops there!

  • Rick Rairdon

    Cool.  I have been to Red Square and this is what I call a Parade.

  • Caesar the Ape

    So is this going to be a live stream on YouTube or do I have to go on the website. Also I'm in California so what's the time difference.

  • Antianarkisti

    70th year anniversary of beginning of the biggest rapefest in history of mankind.

  • ca ainaa

    Russian need to make hi-tech weapon cause some of resource won't last long

  • Dmitriy Usynin

    Одна на всех — мы за ценой не постоим! Эх.

  • Fazlur Denis

    Great Parade ! Happy Victory Day! Greetings from Indonesia

  • InDuckT Rent

    Omg so beautiful montage

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