Recap of all the songs of the Grand Final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest

This is a recap of all the competing songs at the Grand Final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest
  • ESC Stroopwafel

    Lemme try one of those 'actual recap' jokes:1: Another one asks what the pressure is.2: Legend has it she's still standing.3: I'm totally the only person who noticed the clock on the ground going backwards!4: She's gonna take America anytime soon!5: Drumming Dalai Llama.6: Singing gardener.7: What is the logic behind the title? I thought we were made of flesh and blood.8: Catchy, as, hell. Don't need to joke about this, this is amazing. Period.9: If I were to Catch and Release, by Frans Simons.10: Now we know, anime's not a big hit with ESC fans.11: Try and listen to this without thinking of the French spokesperson's "Youuuuu!".12: Think about what color your life is. It can be anything you want it to be. ;)13: She's not really silent, is she?14: Pop rock with exceedingly little energy.15: Domestic abuse is never funny, but the background looks as if it's full of bloody knives. o_O 16: The fuckboy version of Love Is Blind, but without the disco touch.17: She's about to diffuse a bomb! Oh wait, that's just a dress? God...18: All the flair and effects, yet still only 3rd.19: Seriously, who thought the fall was not intentional?20: Latvian, singing PewDiePie.21: I got a whole parody of lyrics for this XD (down below)22: Pregnant woman who believes she is Jesus Christ.23: "So what do you have, Stockholm?" "Well, there's..." "We'll take ALL of it. ALL of it."24: Is that what Austrian gardens look like? I'm sold!25: At least you're trying!26: YYYOOOOOOUUUUUU!

  • Meta Moro

    My Points #1: 6p#2: 8p#3: 6p#4: 6p#5: 6p#6: 6p#7: 10p#8: 10p#9: 10p#10: 6p#11: 12p#12: 7p#13: 12p#14: 8p#15: 5p#16: 7p#17: 10p#18: 12p#19: 6p#20: 8p#21: 12p#22: 8p#23: 6p#24: 7p#25: 6p#26: 8p

  • Ben P

    Loved everyone except from Georgia...

  • Alexa Müller

    are you kidding me? I can't believe it.Ukraine:worst song ever

  • pat tt

    The best year ever !!!

  • Djgovyiqna

    This might actually be my favourite year i actually likr every single song lol.

  • Petar Poljak

    One of the most overrated years in my opinion, in every way and form. From the effects to the interval acts, it just felt forced and me and my friends didn't feel anything, just bored. The effects, while innovative, where over the top and sometimes cringe-inducing, and it was obvious that some countries used to hide the mediocrity of a song. Petra was good again although i didn't find her funny as 2013, luckilly Mans balanced her out. Interval acts were overrated, from Justin Timberlake (i don't even remember the song) to the parody song ( i get the joke and it was creative, but those are the reasons why it is remebered, withot that you have nothing). But the worst of the bunch are the songs, mostly because 80% of the songs were BORING and generic, and i didn't care where they landed. ( And people were surprised about Ukraine's win). Australia was good, though i knew that the public wasn't ready to give them the trophy yet ( i give around 10 years), and Russia, while i liked, was very much a ripoff of the previous winner. In no particular reason these are my top 26 of the grand final:1. Bulgaria2. Russia3. France4. Czech Republic5. Serbia6. Belgium7. Austria8. Poland9. Ukraine10. Australia11. Armenia12. Latvia13. Italy14. Netherlands15. Sweden16. Hungary17. Israel18. Croatia19. Germany20. Cyprus21. Malta22. Lithuania23. Spain24. Azerbaijan25. Georgia26. United Kingdom

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