Tenacious D Gets Rocked By Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Jack Black and Kyle Gass have been rocking crowds as Tenacious D for more than two decades. But what happens when they get rocked by the wings of death? Find out as the Greatest Band in the World goes wing for wing with Sean Evans on this week's Hot Ones. Along they way, the comedic duo discusses everything from Jack's infamous Dorito Burrito, to Kanye West, to their new six-part animated YouTube series called "Tenacious D in Post-Apocalypto." This is not the greatest interview in the world; it's just a tribute!

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Watch Tenacious D in Post-Apocalypto!

Post-Apocalypto the album is out Nov 2!

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  • Backup Accounts

    You need Alex Jones on this show!

  • Angelo Maniquis

    This is about the funniest episode of this show, my goodness

  • benny3972

    Let KyleTalk at least once. Fuck me 🤔

  • NiDoXiD

    I expected them to not have aged for some reason^^

  • Iron Will

    Sean is not a good host

  • Justin Booker

    Dude has no respect for a Tenacious butthole

  • 4themotherload

    Are they to old for this - I am worried!

  • Levi J Cunningham

    That last dab made you unhappy.MGK created the last dab.Make a diss track on MGK because he caused you to dab your wing at the end.

  • Robert Hooks

    I feel the pain Damn Jack the heat🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • BassBallDS

    Jack Black is officially King of Hot ones! He killed EVERY wing...

  • Ras Moses

    the whole wing! Mr. Black is top notch

  • ZachL

    had to bash trump. felt like cnn. shitty way to go with an episode. lost a viewer

  • DapperCommander


  • wraith3845

    please don't talk about politics Jack, we come to you to escape that shit


    Vegan wings with Felipe Esparza!!!! would be halarious.

  • danfreed

    Damn jack black is a cuck too, that's too bad.

  • Tyler Peacock

    AND YOUR NAILING!!!.....

  • First We Feast


  • Hauntang

    I got scared they were actually gonna quit haha

  • Othniel Jones

    Jack is back !!!He's the host !!!With the most !!!

  • Noah Lopez

    Wow now I feel old as fuck

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