HD Russian Army Parade, Victory Day 2015 Парад Победы

This is the parade on Moscow's Red Square devoted to the 70th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. Helping Russia mark the 70th anniversary of victory this year would be many CIS nations as well as guest foreign nations participating in this parade. Participating nations include: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, India, Serbia, and China. First time participating are the Moscow State Cadet Corps For Girls School. Taking the salute is Russian Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu. Commanding the parade is Supreme Commander of the Russian Ground Forces, Colonel General Oleg Salokov. Music performed by the Central Military Band conducted by Lieutenant General Valery Khalilov.
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  • Däs Viva Handy

    Please shut up commentator! let us listen to music!

  • José Concha

    Give them a vodka drink and they marsch better

  • Chihong Cho

    I love Russia. From China.

  • Gold Adler

    Does someone know the Song at 1:56?

  • Mohammad hussian

    Love Russia🇷🇺 and China🇨🇳 from Pakistan and pak Army🇵🇰✌

  • Demetrius Fulmore

    «Это сообщение на английском и русском языках» "This message is in English and Russian - English is below the Russian one." «Я - английский оратор, а не русский оратор, поэтому мне пришлось использовать приложение для перевода, чтобы перевести это сообщение, я очень сожалею, если вы видите какие-либо ошибки». - Русский перевод: Я живу в Соединенных Штатах, и я люблю изучать истории и убеждения разных народов, культур и религий, я очень хорошо понимаю этот парад и отдает ему уважение, которого он заслуживает, благословляя мертвых и павших, и не забудьте сохранить традицию.- English translation: I live in the United States, and I love to study the histories and beliefs of different peoples, cultures and religions, I understand this parade very well, and give it the respect that it deserves, bless the dead and fallen, and remember to keep up the tradition.

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