Alex Ovechkin Best Hits & Goals

Song: The Beast - Tech N9ne

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  • KadenEllis81

    You should do Jamie Benn highlights

  • Nikita Jensen

    Han är duktig han är duktig han taklas myje

  • Lukáš Rašín

    Still rocking that video in 2018. :) By far best i have seen, might be that Tech N9ne sound to it, but it is my favourite by far!

  • didigytv

    All player have respekt for Ovechkin ahahaha Russian Tank

  • Finn Steinbüchel

    Leute Ovechkin ist EINFACH NUR GUT

  • Paul O'Neil

    And now Stanley Cup Champion and Immortal. OV entered a whole new level in the history of hockey with that Stanley Cup performance. He is now one of the true Greats of the game along with #99, #66 & #4. It was one of the greatest individual stanley cup performances of all time. He gave his life for that cup and they won it.

  • TineFangaming

    Honestly wtf are they playing?Hockey or Wrestling?

  • Joey Rutter

    Penalty shot is nasty

  • Capt. Daniel Davidson

    What's with the stupid noise playing behind the man who is perhaps the Most Natural Goal Scorer in the History of the Game? Show a little RESPECT, eh???

  • Kaeleb Kaba

    what song is in the background

  • Frantz Karlsson

    The russian bear!'

  • K1ROX

    Hands down my fav player of all time

  • Erin Roberts

    when he broke the glass omfl

  • Travis Muhler

    the music was a terrible choice!

  • Owen bremner

    Comment if your he's fan😕

  • SabbysLetsPlay

    Ovechkin the beast!! 💪🏻💪🏻🏒🏒

  • Alex Cumik

    i love, when people write about dirty hits without knowing history. nowadays, it is not allowed to leave the ice doing hits. but, when most of this crushing hits were done this was allowed. and imagine when ovechkin used to make small jump before the hit for 15 years... rules are hard is to adapt and still crush people

  • Radik Muhametshin

    Просто провожу параллель между ОВЕЧКИНЫМ и этими двумя недофутболистами, не достигшими ничего. Всем хейтерам Овечкина привет. Всё познается в сравнении. Просто горжусь им...

  • Lukáš Škola

    Ovi is just an amazing player. Absolute beast! He definitely deserved to win the Stanley cup. Washington fans can be proud of what a player they have in the team. One and only Ovi - simply the best!From a Rangers fan

  • Anthony Swinson

    What song is this it’s great

  • Axel Moreau

    This song is so perfekt to ovie

  • rory mcfadden

    The great 8 is my fav awesome video

  • Mike G

    Jesus christ this music... just mute it holy fuck.

  • Tom Weinered

    kan du reagera på Alexander Ovechkin Best Hits & Goals?

  • Hockey Thumb Wars

    Ovechkin vs. Malkin. Who's better? Cast your vote:

  • Graysen Tweten

    the first hit holy crap I had to run out of my house and cross the street and back:|

  • Mavtitan10

    GOAT status! To every penguin fan out there,This video is for you! Long live the great eight

  • Mike Raymann

    The most hits arent nice they are just durty sid is better than him he is checkin durty

  • Rob The bank

    I saw that he some people who has 8 on there jersey

  • Carlos Zavala

    I had the privilege to see kuutch and ovenchkin playing together best players along stamkos headman pointe

  • BoyOfHockey B

    Did you know you have the most viewed Alex ovechkin video

  • Hugh Tahoob

    I'm a pens fan but I hated Wayne Gretzky Hope Ovechkin passes him in overall Goals he has to get 266 more can he do it idk

  • Justin Heinke

    My friend showed me this video before and I couldn’t find it make a comment but to be honest I think this song fits Ovi perfectly because he’s an absolute savage.

  • SAMCRO Till I Die

    The Beast was a perfect song for this video

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