Alex Ovechkin Best Hits & Goals

Song: The Beast - Tech N9ne

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  • Thomas C

    Only better goal scorer ever. Mike Bossy

  • keenen cole

    Alex is fucking good

  • kat kat

    Саша, ты Суперррр!!!

  • Upside down Gravity

    Did anybody else realize how perfect the timing and the highlights were connected? GREAT JOB

  • ryely stomp

    would love ton see an updated version of this with the analysts comments and the stanley cup at the end

  • Frantz Karlsson

    The russian bear!'

  • RedArmyMen

    0:24I'm only "8" on ice.

  • Graysen Tweten

    the first hit holy crap I had to run out of my house and cross the street and back:|

  • Lukáš Škola

    Ovi is just an amazing player. Absolute beast! He definitely deserved to win the Stanley cup. Washington fans can be proud of what a player they have in the team. One and only Ovi - simply the best!From a Rangers fan

  • Spencer Logan

    Please edit the Stanley cup hoist into this. Keep the song. This is amazing man

  • SAMCRO Till I Die

    The Beast was a perfect song for this video

  • Nezhdan Karachun

    He got his cup in 2018

  • Vladimir Raylyan

    Красавчик! Русский умеет и играть и пиздюлей дать!!! Знай наших!!!

  • Mikkel Kosstad

    Song? I just Get hypped by the song

  • Brayden Schumann

    0:24 8 vs 8 the better 8 wins

  • KawasakiMark

    Alex better than Crosby

  • Radik Muhametshin

    Просто провожу параллель между ОВЕЧКИНЫМ и этими двумя недофутболистами, не достигшими ничего. Всем хейтерам Овечкина привет. Всё познается в сравнении. Просто горжусь им...

  • Gnusarev Anatoliy

    Ови кубок Стенли твой!!!

  • Tom Weinered

    kan du reagera på Alexander Ovechkin Best Hits & Goals?

  • Capitals Are Stanley Cup Champs

    He OnLy ScOrEs OnE TiMeRs! HeS A OnE TrIcK PoNy!

  • Keegan Atkinson

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh The Washington Capitals won the 2018 Stanley Cup yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Go #8 The Legend The Great One The King Of Hockey Alex Ovechkin!

  • Andrey Klimov

    Вперёд Вашингтон кэпиталз

  • Adriana Lopes da Silva


  • Anthony Swinson

    What song is this it’s great

  • Travis Muhler

    the music was a terrible choice!

  • Mavtitan10

    GOAT status! To every penguin fan out there,This video is for you! Long live the great eight

  • Matthew C

    he's gonna finish his career with 700+ goals

  • Nikita Jensen

    Han är duktig han är duktig han taklas myje

  • Lukáš Rašín

    Still rocking that video in 2018. :) By far best i have seen, might be that Tech N9ne sound to it, but it is my favourite by far!

  • Nick Kalmes

    He’s had a hell of an impact on the game, I remember having yellow laces in my skates and had the jersey tuck because he did it

  • Owen bremner

    Comment if your he's fan😕

  • Carlos Zavala

    I had the privilege to see kuutch and ovenchkin playing together best players along stamkos headman pointe

  • Cedrick Brochu

    I'd maybe choose ovi over Crosby but not too sure about that

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