Valery Khalilov Russian Army Victory Day Concert Концерт В. Халилов

A musical concert performance of Russian military songs conducted by Lieutenant General Valery Khalilov of the Central Military Band of Russia. About Valery Khalilov: Khalilov was born into a family famous for producing military conductors on January 30, 1952 in the city of Termez, Uzbekistan. At the age of 4, he began to compose his own music. A career officer, he graduated from the Moscow Military Musicians School at the age of 11. From 1970 to 1975 he was on the conducting faculty of the Moscow State Conservatory Tchaikovsky. Khalilov's first posting was being a conductor at the Pushkin Higher School of Radioelectronics of Air Defense of the country PVO, before being a teacher at the Moscow military conductor's faculty in 1981. As conductor of the Pushkin Higher School he had won first place in the competition of military bands of the Leningrad Military District in 1980 and gained the attention of the chief conductor of the Moscow Military District Orchestra, Major General Nikolai Mikhailov, who brought him into that orchestra as deputy conductor in 1984. He subsequently transferred to the governing body of the Military Band Service of the Armed Forces of the USSR that same year. Khalilov has been a member of that orchestra since then, rising through the ranks and eventually becoming chief conductor himself in 2002. In May 2015, Khalilov became a member of the Board of Trustees' Academy festive culture. On 16 August 2016, Khalilov retired from his post as Chief Conductor of the Central Military Band of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
Song List:
1. Священная война - The Sacred War
2. Торжественно-триумфальный марш - Solemn Triumphant March
3. Марш Лейб-Гвардии Преображенского полка - March of the Life-Guards Preobrazhensky Regiment
4. Встречный марш победителей-танкистов - Counter March of the Victorious Tankists
5. Встречный марш офицерских училищ - Counter March of the Officers School
6. Встречный марш для выноса боевого знамени - Counter March for Taking Out the Battle Flag
7. Гвардейский встречный марш ВМФ - Guards Counter March of the Navy
8. Встречный марш - Counter March №1
9. Встречный марш - Counter March №2
10. Славься - Glory
11. Московская парадная фанфара - Moscow Parade Fanfare
12. Гимн СССР и Российской Федерации - Anthem of the USSR and Russia
13. Триумф победителей - Triumph of the Winners
14. Катюша - Katyusha
15. Герой - Hero
16. В защиту Родины - In Defense of the Motherland
17. Строевой марш - Phalanx March
18. Лефортовский марш - Lefrotrovsky March
19. Служить России - Serve Russia
20. Все высшие - All Higher
21. Перелётные птицы - Migratory Birds
22. Я верю, друзья - I Believe, Friends
23. Платц - Platz
24. Прощание славянки - Fairwell Slavic Maiden
25. Баллада о солдате - Ballad of a Soldier
26. Все высшие - All Higher
27. Экипаж - одна семья - The Crew is One Family
28. Песня артиллеристов - Song of Artillerymen
29. Нам нужна одна победа - We Only Need One Victory
30. На страже мира - On Guard of Peace
31. Кант - Kant
32. Мы - армия народа - We Are Army of the People
33. В путь! - Let's Go!
34. День Победы - Victory Day
35. Песня о Советской армии - Song About the Soviet Army
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    Khalilov was a great muscisian, yes, but one must wonder how he managed to compose music at the age of four? Please, do enlighten me.

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    Selamat jalan Jenderal! Victory day parade tidak akan sama lagi... Rest in Peace :(

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    RIP to Mr. Khalilov, his legacy shalt not ever be forgotten. I can't believe this horrible tragedy...

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    Listening to "Platz" again... what beautiful melodies he gave us...

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    i really miss Alexandrov Ensemble and Valery in peace.Thank you really much.

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    The second march in the list is unfortunately not in the video (toržestvjenno-triumfaľnyj marš/solemn triumphant march)

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    That Sacred War is EPIC!

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    Den 'Pobedy, kak a byl ot nas dalyok, Kak v kostre potukhshem tayal ugolyok. Kak v kostre potukhshem tayal ugolyok. Byli versty, obgorelye, v pyli — Byli versty, obgorelye, v Pyli -- Etot den' my priblizhali kak mogli. Etot den 'mi priblizhali kak mogli. Coro: Etot Den' Pobedy Etot Den 'Pobedy Porokhom propakh, Porokhom propakh, Eto prazdnik, Eto prazdnik, S sedinoyu na viskakh. S sedinoyu na viskakh. Eto radost' Eto radost ' So slezami na glazakh. Así slezami na glazakh. Den' Pobedy! Den 'Pobedy! Den' Pobedy! Den 'Pobedy! Den' Pobedy! Den 'Pobedy! Dni i nochi u martenovskikh pechey, DNI i nochi u martenovskikh pechey, Ne smykala nasha Rodina ochey. Ne smykala nasha Rodina ochey. Dni i nochi bitvu trudnuyu veli, — DNI i nochi bitvu trudnuyu Veli, -- Etot den' my priblizhali kak mogli. Etot den 'mi priblizhali kak mogli. Coro Zdravstvuy, mama, vozvratilis' my ne vse, Zdravstvuy, mama, vozvratilis' mi ne VSE, Bosikom by probezhat'sya po rose! Bosikom po de probezhat'sya levanta! Pol-Evropy proshagali, pol-Zemli — Pol-Evropy proshagali, pol-Zemli -- Etot den' my priblizhali kak mogli. Etot den 'mi priblizhali kak mogli. Coro x 2

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    asta luego camarada general Valery khalilov que en paz descanse usted y todo el coro del ejercito Ruso URRA.....URRA.....URRA

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    R.I.P. General Valery Khalilov and the Alexandrov choir. We pray that legendary Russian military marches will live on with new leadership.

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    My heartfelt regret to the families of the choir disappeared in the black sea....R.I.P.

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