Victory Day Parade 2013 Highlights: Military glory in Moscow's Red Square

From trademark tanks and fighter jets to the latest, unrivalled missile defense systems -- the Victory Day parade stages a military show right in the heart of Russia's busy capital. MORE INFO & PHOTOS:


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  • PaddyDogg

    I don't think so American domination fro western europe and soviet domination for eastern europe.

  • spartaknumerouno

    .... И самая справедлива.

  • Seán O'Nilbud

    Go fuck yourself you living joke.

  • Politkomesar Zalogare

    Manijace, kojim kukavnim jezikom ti pises, znas li? Ne postoji vreme u engleskom jeziku kojim se pise "I was taught". Napisao si pasiv, da li si svestan toga, septrljo? Napisao si "Ja sam misljen". I ovo "polite" sto te Mental zeza da znaci "uctiv", znaci, ali Englez koji je zaista uctiv i otmen, najpre ce ti za "uctiv2 napisati prosto "well-mannered", odnosno, "dobrih manira" u bukvalnom prevodu. E, seljacino mataruska!

  • Aleksandr Rybin

    Россия мирная страна, но только попробуйте к нам сунуться! Мы развиваем свою армию для защиты, но никак не для нападения!

  • Foxtrot 29

    Dont hate the people hate the government -usa we the people

  • Politkomesar Zalogare

    Opet pobeze od odgovora na pitanje? Kada cemo o Konstantinovicu? NJega si uzdizao na nivo Bozanstva, a danas seres "Srbi i ovi", "Srbi i oni", postao si gori nacionalista od Seselja!

  • Nepobedimoe Dobro

    Российская армия самая сильная в Мире.

  • jb0433628

    Stalin was a degenerate peasant, yet 50% of Russian worship him as if he was a great guy. He murdered 25 times more innocent people than Hitler.

  • tasterTAB

    I agree with you mate,but even Russia goes versus USA without nuclear weapons it would be hell of earth.Russia now have modern weapons becouse of 100 billions per year (military budget) I would say that USA and Russia are two most powerful military powers today in both ways(nuclear and conventional).

  • Alex Petrenko

    Whats the name of the song on 1:10

  • Sergey Khachatryan

    dont mean to be a douche but it wasnt only the russians but the entire soviet union including Serbian's ;)

  • Maryrob - MariaMagnolia & Roby D Channel

    GREAT!!! GRANDE!!!!

  • Seán O'Nilbud

    You know that because of your failed education, fear, and general gullibility. What a sad fucking dunce you are.

  • MentaLnaKLinika BaLkan

    :)) His problem is that he DON'T KNOW English at all, neither any other foreign language . He's using google translator to writing comments in English, Russian, German, French ...with attemp to communicate with foregners :)) I know it's sounds funny but I'm not kiding mate . I know that user for several years , he's from Serbia as I m . It's some kind of terapy for him :))))

  • Grisha Mel'kov

    Thank you to all veterans

  • MentaLnaKLinika BaLkan

    opa English....znaci Panta prevodi na ruski i nemacki, a prijatelj Rajs je za specijalizovan za engleski . Googletalo pomoci cu ti, ovo je ispalo ovako " Ja sam mislio da budem ugladjen i kulturan . Saveznici pobedlli Naciste to je pobeda za covecanstvo i buducnost. Ruski narod dao je sve sto je ON imao. Da li imas protiv ako ja sam Srbin. Ja sam ponosan protiv Nato. Ti si rasist "

  • Schrodinger Excidium

    Respekt from Serbia!

  • CharlieAks1

    Beautiful, I wish we celebrated it here in the UK

  • Politkomesar Zalogare

    "Kvrgo komunjarska Zalogare, ja sam napisao kolko ljudi primaju a tom statistikom obriši svoje pedersko dupe. Mentalać kao ti veruje svakoj bitangi na valasti. Tri četvrtine radnika u Srbiji ne prima tu prosečnu platu koju navodiš. Svaki dan sam u prodavnicama, na pijaci, vidim kolke su cene , kupujem ne dva hleba i novine nego sve potrebe za domaćinstvo, plaćam račune, razgovaram sa ljudima znam kolko primaju." - Sto se toliko plasis da mi napises to ovako, nego bezis tamo gde si me blokirao?

  • EnergyPirate

    Три танкиста (Three Tankmen) watch?v=2JybKLwZ000

  • jackal794


  • Politkomesar Zalogare

    Sta bi rekao konstantinovic o ovome? Palancanin, lazni covek, izmastao zivot koji je pozeljan po merilima palanke, oce da presudjuje drugima i u ime nekog kolektiva (palanke, srpstva) napada one koji mu se ne svidjaju, vredja ih bez osnova i lepi im etikete. I DJindjica su nazivali izdajnikom, zar ne? Osim toga, mene si nekada oslovljavao sa "prijatelju", a Mental je kod tvojih sekretarica u svemu bio naj, naj, naj. I onda smo ti obojica rekli da si govedo!

  • Erich Manstein

    I swear at somepoint America's government is going to go all Nazi Germany on the people at some point.. maybe when they wise up and realize they are being lied to constantly.

  • StaatenlosInfo

    В 1945 году Русская армия не достигли цели освобождения. III-й рейх не пошел в 1945 году после военного поражения! Федеративная Республика Германия не имеет собственного гражданства. ФРГ продолжает фашистской немецкое гражданство с 1934 года. Федеративная Республика Германии ведет империи III нацистских колонии продолжать! * GERMAN * В 1934 ГОДУ. Немцы * немецкий * в 1934 году гражданство в нацистской потеряли колонии Федеративной Республики Германии/ЕС от 8.12.2010! STAATENLOS.INFO

  • Seán O'Nilbud

    Man Canada used to be a reasonable place but now it's contaminated by fatstupidism from the US. Uneducated brainwashed filth like you stinking up the place. Your ignorance and gullibility are offensive to real people. Y'fucking degenerate peasant.

  • lcthevideogamer

    pretty much a majority of these tanks and troops are in crimea right now

  • LI .B

    India? First let Western money pay to dig them out of all the filth/slime/muck etc they adore living in. Btw....India?? must have meant LICK arse and not kick arse.

  • Politkomesar Zalogare

    E, a koje mu je ovo vreme "I was taught"? Past tence nije, past tence continiouse nije, present perfect tence nije, past perfect tence nije. Ovo ti je pasiv u proslosti. "I as taught" bi u nekom bukvalnom prevodu glasilo "Ja sam misljen", dakle nemoguce je prevesti, a da ima neko znacenje!!

  • MentaLnaKLinika BaLkan

    dobro moze i polite . A ovo mu was taught , kao ja sam bio mislio ...jebiga kad google translator ne zna za pleonazam

  • zammy99str

    Greece isnt that much of an oil rich country....As an American myself it makes me sad to see people like you.

  • TheJayZiii

    And i will tell you 1 of..not many Russians who like is not good..

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